The best skin care products of Ponds


This present Pond’s men lotion is exceptionally made with Mineral mud which is a characteristic oil-engrossing fixing. It is a day cream and men of all ages can apply it on their skin.

It has an enduring impact on more 12 hours. It works from inside and keeps your face sound alongside drying all the oil from your face.


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Ponds Powder for Oily Skin

Baby powders are exceptionally valuable in the mid year seasons as they help in the ingestion of the sweat and furthermore give a decent scent to cover the sweat smell. For individuals experiencing sleek skin, bath powders are extraordinary for the expulsion of the oil and sweat from the body and face.

a) Ponds Oil Control Talcum Powder

Lakes Oil-Control-Talcum-Powder

It contains propelled ingestion particles to take in the overabundance oil and influences you to feel crisp throughout the day. This powder accompanies TPI 60 and that offers abundant sun security throughout the day. It accompanies orange peel extricate and that bestows a crisp orangy fragrance throughout the day.

Vit C goes about as a cell reinforcement and furthermore keeps any kind of skin bothering. There is no possibility of any rashes when this is connected. It is anything but difficult to utilize and useful for the skin.

b) Ponds Magic Powder Oil and Blemish Control

Lakes Magic-Powder-Oil-and-Blemish-Control

Lakes enchantment powder helps in the evacuation of skin oil and abundance sweat from the body. It gives a sweet scent to cover the stench and enable its flaw to control influences the skin to look more attractive. It gives quickly gleaming more pleasant conditioned skin in a matter of moments.

It’s ready out in the daylight as it gives twofold UV security which no other powder give. So skin doesn’t get harmed or tanned and the skin shine goes on for an extremely prolonged stretch of time.


Ponds Face Wash for Oily Skin

Our face is subjected to a great deal of earth and contamination for the duration of the day. So treating the face appropriately now and again is exceptionally fundamental. A face wash is a face mind item that is utilized to expel oil, soil, dead skin cells from the face. This unclogs pores and avert skin issues like pimples and skin break out.

a) Ponds Oil Control Skin Mattifying Facial Foam

Lakes Oil-Control-Skin-Mattifying-Facial-Foam

Lakes oil control skin mattifying facial froth is fueled by one of a kind mineral mud innovation. Mineral dirt innovation is known as a decent spongy. This aides in evacuating overabundance oil, earth and different poisons from the face without over-drying the skin.

This aides in influencing the skin pimple to free and aides in keeping the arrangement of skin break out. This face wash is useful for skin break out and pimple inclined skin. The skin quickly feels invigorated, spotless and considerably more attractive. Dependable freshness and reasonableness is watched.

b) Ponds Pimple Clear Multi White Action Face Wash

Lakes Pimple-Clear-Multi-White-Action-Face-Wash

Home grown dirt present in the face wash helps in the retention of the overabundance oil and sweat from the skin. Skin looks more attractive and the bluntness is evacuated. The stickiness and the sweat are expelled totally and the face recaptures its previous gleam. The zits are expelled and profound purifying of the face is finished. This face wash is useful for a pimple inclined skin.

c) Ponds Men Oil Control Face Wash

Lakes Men-Oil-Control-Face-Wash

This is item is perfect for men with sleek skin. It expels abundance oil from your face and ensures the skin doesn’t turn out to be excessively dry. The facial pores are unclogged and the skin ends up smooth and luxurious.

Mineral dirt alongside hazelnut separate offers a clearer skin. Keeps the development of pimples and skin inflammation and furthermore expels clogged pores from the face. Face turns out to be brilliant, delightful and the lost appeal is restored.

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