Flappy Bird Latest Version Free Download

Flappy Bird is an arcade amusement where you control an amiable fledgling that needs to fly through numerous hindrances all made up of channels.

Flappy Bird Latest Version Free Download

The mechanics are extremely basic: you need to tap the screen with the goal that the flying creature folds its wings, attempting to keep a relentless mood so as to go through the channels scattered through its way. It won’t be at all simple to do.

It will be a test to get in excess of five focuses (which implies flying through five channels), as it’s extremely hard to keep up a consistent fluttering cadence. Truth be told, you should rehearse a considerable measure before you begin doing great and the diversion quits being so baffling.

Each time you crash and begin once again, you will see slight contrasts that make the amusement all the more intriguing. You will play in various scenes, at various circumstances (amid the day or around evening time) and with diversely shaded flying creatures.


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