VivaVideo PRO

VivaVideo PRO is a champion among other master video chief and photo slideshow

Download VivaVideo PRO 6.0.0 APK Latest


VivaVideo PRO APK is a Video Players and Editors App by QuVideo Inc.. It has a general rating of 4.5 with 79561 audits on Google Play Store. Evaluated download check of this application is 100,000 – 500,000. Most recent of kind of VivaVideo PRO APK is 6.0.0 which runs with a few changes that you can find in the What’s New zone underneath. We at give Original APK applications and preoccupations with mastermind download joins. You can download VivaVideo PRO 6.0.0 APK from the download locale.

VivaVideo PRO is a champion among other ace video proofreader and photograph slideshow producer applications to make wonderful records!


Fueled by Top Developer in Google Play Store, VivaVideo PRO is a champion among other ace video director and movie producers with a monstrous number of clients wherever all through the world.

For various clients with various purposes, viva video apk PRO has all the more unprecedented cutoff points (trimming, adjusting, speed control, sharing… ) and offers our clients, for example, YouTube bloggers(Vlog), film makers, craftsmanship authorities and particular masters who basically require a critical video changing data to make prominent records.

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What is OGYouTube APK?

What is OGYouTube APK?

Ogyoutube apk

 OGYouTube mod APK is a standout amongst other YouTube video downloaders in the application commercial center. Utilizing this application, you can download your most loved recordings in superior quality or some other attractive quality according to your necessity.

Youtube og likewise enables you to download your most loved recordings as Mp3 documents in the event that you wish to appreciate it like some other tune.

Aside from downloading, OG Youtube APK likewise has the element of sparing the video to watch in disconnected mode simply like authority YouTube application.

OGYouTube downloader is the best arrangement since it has astonishing highlights when contrasted with other YouTube video downloader application.

All these extra highlights will influence you to go wow about this application, and you will need to download OGYouTube APK on your gadget.

OGmods Youtube most recent form is considered as only a modded rendition of authority YouTube application.

The best part about OG youtube APK 2018 is that it doesn’t require your gadget to be established. In the up and coming areas, we will go profoundly experience the highlights of this application.

Another Best Youtube Downloader is TubeMate.

Highlights of OGYouTube Mod APK

We are saying it over and over that this application is implanted with a portion of the best highlights. In this segment, we will drill down all the fundamental and also extra highlights of OGYouTube application.

The principal most imperative component of this application is that it enables you to download recordings from YouTube. OG YouTube apk download highlight enables you to peruse through every one of the recordings which are spilling on YouTube and gives you a chance to download them in the blink of an eye and no exertion.

Some of the time you require a sound melody be that as it may, it is just accessible in video design. All things considered, you like to download and utilize some sound converter, however now this problem will be understood. You can specifically download the sound adaptation of any video melody utilizing OG Youtube downloader.

With modded form, there is no adjustment in the nature of the recordings or nature of downloaded recordings. You can watch and download the video in any determination running between 140p to 1440 p. This is outstanding amongst other highlights of this application.

More often than not, we have seen that you can download just a single video or document at any given moment on different applications. Be that as it may, this application will enable you to download different recordings at once. The download method for every one of the recordings will advance at the same time. You don’t need to sit tight for your first video to download with the goal that you can decide on the following download choice.

Here and there you see that name of the video which you are downloading is too long or wrong. All things considered, you can rename your video record while downloading it according to your decision and comfort.

Another fabulous component of this application is that it gives you a chance to play the video out of sight moreover. You can make the most of your tunes out of sight while surfing the web simply like some other music player application. The player will be noticeable on your home screen, and you can check it whenever.

When you take a gander at the interface of this application, it is as simple as YouTube. Truth be told, it would appear that a copy of the authority YouTube application aside from it has a download choice as well.

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WhatsApp Plus latest review

WhatsApp Plus

Alter appearance and settings of everything

The apk of whatsapp plus 

Notwithstanding the skins menu, WhatsApp Plus has no less than 6 menus for altering appearance and settings:

Header, hues and size of talk pictures

Header and size of contacts’ picture

Appearance and size of fly up notices

Impairing of capacities (voice notes, activitys)

Size and shades of gadgets

Shade of launcher symbol

WhatsApp Plus

Prescribed for the individuals who need to change their skin

Following the buy of WhatsApp by Facebook, it’s reasonable that we’ll see enormous changes in the official application, including voice calls and more noteworthy security highlights which you won’t not see in WhatsApp Plus.

On the off chance that, then again, you need to modify the look of WhatsApp and need more control over things like warnings and sending pictures, WhatsApp Plus is the ideal option for you.

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Lucky Patcher Review

Lucky patcher-2

Albeit a portion of the said tasks are totally illicit, others can get you out of in excess of one dilemma. The relationship of an application with Google Play, for example, can make it exceptionally entangled to introduce it from outside sources, compelling you to experience the official Android store, which many individuals favor not to do.

Lucky Patcher latest version

Then again, by separating applications and taking out their consents you can make applications keep running on gadgets that at first glance are contrary, or exchange applications amongst cell phones and tablets that formally are not good with the two stages.

Lucky patcher-3

This is only a little piece of what you’ll discover on Lucky Patcher, which offers heaps of information about each application that could be very useful, from an abridgment of all the related consents and their depictions to the base variant of Android required to run the application. It even lets you know whether an application has been changed or is the first, a perfect component for checking the dependability of an application you may have downloaded from some dusty corner of the Internet.

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Different approaches to battle SAD include:

Exercise. Getting any measure of activity is superior to no activity by any means! On the off chance that you work in a tall structure at that point make the strides and on the off chance that you have ventures in your home at that point utilize them for 10-15 minutes every day. Join a rec center; the cost of enrollments this season has a tendency to be entirely reasonable.

Get the sad status for whatsapp

Get satisfactory rest. Rest is fundamental to controlling your state of mind and practices. Endeavor to get 6 to 8 hours of rest for each night.

Unwinding. We are shelled in our reality with wireless calls, instant messages, Facebook posts, Twitter, and messages. We go to work every day and are overpowered, at that point get back home and the children require our consideration. This week burn through 10 minutes alone in your auto or a peaceful space in your home. Kill the radio, TV and mobile phone so you can BE.Become a watcher of your contemplations yet don’t investigate or respond to them by any stretch of the imagination. Watch the considerations float by like mists in the sky. On the off chance that you start to consider the basic supply list, at that point center around your breath. A few people advantage from checking breaths to keep the mind concentrated on the number being rationally said rather than their contemplations. In the event that this works for you it is useful to tally to 10 and after that arrival to 1. In the event that you can get to 10 with no intrusion of considerations then that is extraordinary! A great many people start and just get to 5 or so until the point when they flee with an idea. In the event that this happens, come back to 1 and start once more.

Spend the 10 minutes in being as opposed to doing. Begin off with five minutes if 10 is excessively. Your breath will come back to typical and your body will find the opportunity to rest, notwithstanding for a short period. Do this once every day and after that expansion the time in the event that you are capable. This basic exercise is best done sitting in an agreeable seat or on the floor in an agreeable position; it isn’t prescribed to do this in bed in light of the fact that your body is as of now prepared to rest in that space.

Eat well. You don’t should be a dietitian so as to eat well. Tune in to your body and eat what it inherently hungers for. Supplant unfortunate “quick nourishments” with options, for example, sandwiches and plates of mixed greens.

Get more daylight. On the off chance that it happens to be a pleasant day, at that point go outside when it is bright. It might likewise get more daylight into your home by opening your blinds up or sitting more like a window with light coming in.

Discover adjust. You can be as well as can be expected be the point at which your body, psyche and soul are adjusted. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Numerous individuals make New Year’s resolutions and regularly fizzle. It takes just about one month to change any negative behavior pattern, however be delicate with yourself and cherish yourself. No one is immaculate and you can’t change each “awful” trademark at the same time. Rather than swearing off liquor, greasy nourishments, men, ladies, cigarettes, or whatever your bad habit might be, take a gander at your life and ask yourself, “Where in my life am I out of adjust?” If you trust you work too hard, at that point you have to rest somewhat more. In the event that you practice excessively, at that point you have to unwind more.The proverb “what we oppose holds on” is valid. On the off chance that we center around the negative, that is the thing that we will get. For instance, the “fight to get in shape” thought centers around weight reduction being a war of a few sorts; notwithstanding, on the off chance that we move our viewpoint to “eating solid for me” at that point there is no negative identified with considerations around our nourishment consumption. On the off chance that we think eating is continually going to be a fight, at that point chances are it will be a fight that we can’t win. Along these lines, our reasoning examples do influence our results.

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Attitude:Be the best attitude

Ordinarily life takes us on a street that is new to us, and we stand up to. We are individuals of propensity and anything new to us is dreaded. We have our lives arranged out however don’t comprehend that multiple occassions our plans are not the arrangement life has for you. Pick not to oppose but rather to let your life unfurls for you.

The good attitude status for whatsapp

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buckle down and settle on choices for your life, yet now and again life doesn’t generally offer us the things we need and the way we need them. The reason we endure so much agony is on the grounds that we attempt to compel life to take after our lead, and it doesn’t work that way.

Stay Confident constantly

Never enable your circumstance to manage how you feel about yourself. You ought to have the capacity to stay sure notwithstanding while everything around you is going into disrepair. Never permit where you are in life to manage how you feel about yourself. You should have faith in your ability and capacities. Realize that you can move toward becoming anything you need to be.

Your battles are there to reinforce you

At whatever point you have experienced troubles, you will never battle with those issues again, and you will be more arranged to deal with the worry of life? You will likewise acknowledge then how solid you really are. You won’t know how solid you are until the point that you have beaten some exceptionally troublesome circumstances throughout your life. You will then turn out to be more confident and sure in light of the fact that you would have encountered enough to realize that you can withstand the hardship of life.

Quit attempting to control everything

An excessive number of us spend our each waking minute endeavoring to control each part of our lives and, shockingly, numerous things we can’t control. We are in this way left inclination vanquished, similar to a disappointment and our self-assurance is disintegrated. Work on changing those things that you can change and those that you can’t change chip away at tolerating them the way they are.

Contrasting your existence with others is ruinous

You are not benefiting yourself in any way by contrasting your circumstances with those of others around you. We as a whole begin life at better places and under various conditions.

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Don’t feel that you are alone

On June 26th, 2015 NPR ran an anecdote about how inquire about proposes desolate individuals may really have unrivaled social abilities than the individuals who are not forlorn. At the end of the day, forlorn individuals are not desolate on the grounds that they don’t know how to converse with individuals. Rather, discoveries recommend they battle with connections since they are produced of messing – they stress over saying the wrong thing in social circumstances.

The alone status for whatsapp in 2018

I consider this to be recommending that depression and social tension might be interwoven, making an endless loop of detachment and dread of seclusion.

3.) Addiction:


Discharged in January 2015, Johann Hari’s progressive book Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs made individuals mindful that medication enslavement might be substantially more than simply compound snares in the cerebrum. He sets that when individuals lead lives loaded with closeness with others, they don’t wind up dependent on drugs – notwithstanding when they are put on intense painkillers after a mishap, for instance. In any case, the inverse is likewise valid. The individuals who feel desolate before consistently taking a medication are significantly more prone to get snared.

In a Huffington Post article (interface is outer), Hari references crafted by Professor Peter Cohen, who says: “In the event that we can’t associate with each other, we will associate with anything we can discover – the whirr of a roulette wheel or the prick of a syringe. [Professor Cohen] says we should quit talking in regards to ‘enslavement’ out and out, and rather call it ‘holding.’ A heroin someone who is addicted has reinforced with heroin since she couldn’t bond as completely with whatever else. So the inverse of habit isn’t temperance. It is human association.”

4.) Hoarding:

While storing is for the most part sorted as an over the top urgent issue, there is a component of misfortune and anguish in topping one’s life off with stuff. When we’re not ready to top off our lives with dear loved ones, a few people may swing to soothing articles to fill the void. The International Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Foundation talks specifically to this, expressing: “Depression is one of the primary factors that makes accumulating happen.”

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Make Reasons Why You Will Succeed:motivation

The lion’s share of individuals are so centered around the negative parts of their objectives that they can’t resist the urge to talk themselves out of them. The best approach to increase back control is by delicately pointing out your the reasons why you can accomplish something – rather than the precise inverse.

The superb motivational status

The all the more frequently you center around what you can do – the simpler and more regular it moves toward becoming for you to go out and begin doing it. You should understand that your brain isn’t in charge – you are.

Begin dealing with your psyche by making a rundown of reasons why you can’t resist the urge to accomplish your objective. As you start this procedure, your certainty and energy will take off.

6. Have A Bigger Vision.

This is my total most loved method for getting roused. It requires less investment responsibility on an everyday premise, except requires your tirelessness. This kind of managing inspiration is for considerably greater objectives.

It’s better fit for the driven kind who has a significantly greater task or objective to achieve; one that will take you over a year to finish. In the event that you need maintaining inspiration that becomes more grounded and all the more convincing every single day, make a greater vision. The best approach to do that is by picturing your result day by day for at least 5 minutes.

7. Utilize “Agony” as Leverage.

I used to work with the proprietor of a development organization. He had this propensity for educating everybody he knew regarding his objectives and after that doing nothing about it. In the long run he came to the heart of the matter where he feared educating the general population in his life regarding his objectives since he felt like a liar.

His development customers were another story. Each time he guaranteed one of his customers he would fabricate another home he would finish. His reputation for finish his customers was 100%.


Since he had a considerable measure of torment related with an inability to convey to his customers. His business and notoriety were at stake so he generally made huge move.

Utilize torment as a help. Think about a vital objective you might want to achieve in the following year. Since you have it as a primary concern, influence a concurrence with your significant other/to spouse/sibling/sister or any individual who knows you well. Set an agreement in motion with them that says in the event that you don’t accomplish your objective in the following 3 months you will give them $500 in real money. Sign it.

For the vast majority, loosing that sort of cash is more difficult than making a move towards their objectives. They will right away jump without he

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Do You Want To Become a Cool Person?

Compose a rundown of the considerable number of objectives you are going for. What basically makes you cool is your character. Attempt to discover your ability – sports, music, craftsmanship, whatever. Individuals will see your enthusiasm and regard you for it. You can likewise learn new aptitudes and meet new individuals by attempting new things.

The real cool status for whatsapp:New


ice self-divulgence. The more you reveal yourself the better you comprehend yourself. Self-divulgence is both the cognizant and subliminal demonstration of uncovering more around oneself to others. This may incorporate, yet isn’t constrained to: musings, sentiments, desires, objectives, disappointments, triumphs, fears, dreams and in addition one’s preferences, abhorrences and top picks.

Self-exposure happens gradually. Try not to tell the main individual you meet at a gathering about your own life or things will rapidly go south.



Be neighborly, yet not unreasonably enthusiastic. Everybody adores somebody who is active, however no one enjoys somebody who is excessively energized. Numerous individuals observe somebody who is zealous to bother. Do whatever it takes not to drive yourself on individuals. Grin and strike up a discussion, yet ensure you know the line amongst cordial and over the top. When you meet another individual, relax, regardless of whether you believe you’re companion perfect partners.

In case you’re excessively excited, making it impossible to hang out with another individual, at that point it may seem as though you don’t have some other companions.

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Happy Life according to Bible

“Glad is he who keeps the law.”

That is it! It that is basic! You don’t need to do your own examination. God did not abandon us dumbfounded on how we should carry on with this life and be cheerful. In His unbounded knowledge, love, and effortlessness, He showed us the genuine method to satisfaction, and that is to OBEY HIS LAW!

Be happy by putting happy status

Could something be so basic ever work?

At the point when the vast majority read this, they may naturally say, “Better believe it right!” Many are negative and suspicious about anything that the Bible say. Be that as it may, let me clarify why this basic verse can prompt extreme joy and blessedness.

We realize that the Ten Commandments outlines God’s law to us. It resembles the constitution of God’s Law. The Ten Commandments mirror God’s character, considering, and demeanor toward us. God set the otherworldly law in this universe that whosoever comply with His decrees will procure joy and for the individuals who break them will harvest misery, enduring, and torment. That is exactly how it functions!

A world keeping God’s charges

Presently envision for a moment how the Ten Commandments can change this world IF ONLY everybody will put forth a valiant effort and keep them.

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